To show off how great, artistic and funky Seattle is.  To unravel the mysteries of the Northwesterner mind and actions.  To present an objective view with a depth that might give an electrical jolt.  

Brina - I'm  a girl about town finding things to show you.  I love this stuff and I'm proud to present my team.

Spokes - Graffiti artist that shows work I admire.  I'm incognito and probably skateboarding right behind you.  I intend to show you how kick ass the free and anonymous art is around Seattle..

Kikigirl - People who are my friends probably know who I really am...go ahead...figure it out!  I also update the website for Brina.  Poncho is loosely based on my guy and I do the cartoons plus the design / architecture portion.  If Brina needs help, I am the one.

Gale - I take care of the garden and hope to help show some really great things.  If I hear of things or go to a show, I'll tell you about it.

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