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Enough has been said about the Central Library.  The interior is amazing, day or night.  We went to an interactive dance when it opened to get to know the library.  Very cool, very fun and a wonderful experience.

Library Passport Awards
When I went through my phone, I found these of the awards for doing the passport program at the Libraries.  I really think that having the awards, in this great, interior space, was wonderful.  If it had been in a conference room somewhere?...just not the same.


Painted in the Desert Documentary


Favorite LINKS

Library Passport Update!

Last post:  My only suggestion:  Do it again next year but with the art as the feature!

I still think this is a good idea!

Last post:My only complaint:  No one knew who created the stamps and how they were chosen.  Not bad if that is my only complaint

We now know who the artist is/was!!!!

Woo hoo!

Here is Joan Schlichting' (the artist) response to my complaint.  They saw our website (maybe cuz I sent it to them...ha ha ha ) and responded promptly.

I’m so grateful for Marsha Donaldson and Bill Ferris (the 2 donors from the Northwest Branch) for coming up with the Passport idea; it gave me a great project to work on! I designed the Passport book first, and then we went forward with the stamps. None of this could have happened without the work of Andra Addison, SPL Communication Director, Caroline Ullmann, writer and editor extraordinaire, and Liz Kaune, Communication Assistant who tracked down all the photos and architects. 

We’ve heard many stories about how the Passports have been a reason for many people to get out and not only see what their “Libraries for All” bond dollars gave them, but also to explore communities they had never been to, or didn’t even know existed. 

(Gale's Note:  I SO agree...I've never even HEARD of Holly Park before).

I’ve worked for the City of Seattle as a graphic artist for 22 years, but this project has brought the most satisfaction. To see it take off and excite people to get out and explore. A number of teachers have added the Passport into their teaching, or given extra credit for visiting libraries. And the informal contests that others organized to see who could finish first have been fun to hear about.


Here is a class that Joan is part of with some of the fiber artist's work on it.  Not trying to sell anything...just good, clean, art viewing.


**** Won "Building Looks Like a Book" award****

It is the home library to all of us so we are opting out of the judging for the building.  It does seem to be the most green building.


****Won "Best Building & Art Award" from Spokes****

Great Art - Great Stamp

There are hidden treasures of art all throughout the building. I like Ballard better but I'm biased.


****Won "Most Memorable Art & Still on Kikigirl's Cell phone" award****


**** Won "Best Trellis & Outdoor Seating" award ****

People actually were using it.  They had really cute signs for the book numbers too.


We didn't award any to the Carnegie libraries.  They all have great stamps though!


****Won "Best Stamp & Matches Building" award ****


**** Won "Most Dramatic" award ****





**** Won "Best Architecture" award by Gale ****

This one has a very naturey feel to it.


****Won "Best Subtle Art" award****


****Won "Best Colors and Detailed Art" award ****


****Won "Best Gate and Gate Stamp" award ****


**** Won "Best Jewel Library" award ****



**** Won "We can't remember what the art was" award ****


**** Won "Best Art" award by Kikigirl ****

Note:  The art is best seen during the day.  It has an unusual sundial and it IS super great.  Right up Kikigirl's alley.


**** Won "Most Obscure & Loved" library *****

Very hard to find and also super-duper crowded when we went there.  The art, outside, is done by the children and we all could have spent hours looking at it.


**** Won "Most Livable" award ****

We couldn't really see the art during the daytime, when we visited.  Look like it might be cool though.  We just wanted to grab a book and sit back.  Very comfortable.



**** Won "Best View" award ****

LOVE the rocking chairs.  Check out the class kitchens and work out areas in the building to the SE.  If you live in that's GREAT!


Carnegie (has some cool old details though)


****Won "Nicest Librarians & Inside/Outside Art" award ****




**** Won "Best Night-time Art" award ****



****Won "Most Looks Like a 50's Boardroom" award *****

Everyone was super nice and really seemed proud of their library.  Very nice to see.





**** Won "Most Adorable" award ****

The only location that gave us a slight problem...I think Napoleon but who's SO CUTE!



And we end on a Carnegie


Highly recommend you doing this for yourselves.  I bet it could be done in about 3 full days providing you have food with you and traffic isn't horrible.  Have fun!