Is it good luck to drive over a lady bug?

A neighbor just happened to be on his porch when we were on our way to Mighty O Doughnuts and got a little lost.  He told us that the neighborhood touches up the painting every year.  It's SO cute!  I guess they were just about to touch it up again.



The above picture was at one of the corner houses, inside the sidewalk, in their garden.  I'm thinking they may have been one of the masterminds of this project.



Painted in the Desert Documentary


Favorite LINKS




Display Charms

A cool display at an art & framing retail place in Ballard, on Market St..  They always have great displays.



Part of the percent for art program, I'm pretty sure.  I like art you can sit on.  :)

We caught this guy skimboarding at the beach in Carkeek Park.   He was very brave and patient!  There were HUGE rocks that he kept hitting.

 Stupid rocks!

Why I love Seattle #6

I just dig it...don't know why.  Kikigirl think it's because of the different textures. Maybe so, maybe so.


Why I love Seattle #7

While walking to work, I actually saw the culprit with my own eyes.  You rock girl!

She struck EVERYWHERE!


After all those snow pictures, you needed that didn't you?  AHHHHH....don't you luuuuuuv Golden Gardens in the summer?

One more!

I've been saving that one for you...aren't I sweet?


ARTOPIA - freaking YAY!

The power-tool races were the highlight of the day.

There was a small element of danger which made it even more exciting when we stood at the end of the race.


The light sculpture room...the other highlight.




The dance coolness..

The grafitti that made some of the audience uncomfortable since it was promoting it. I think she was on a committee to get rid of grafitti...kudos to the artist for making her and her friend squirm in a great way.



You have now been crowned!  LOVE this store in Georgetown!!!  


Look closely at this next picture.  The girl is NOT a munchkin, she is normal height.  This guy makes quite a scene around town.  He gets the ladies...I'm telling you! carefully cuz you don't want us laughing too hard or doing the monkey dance...DO YOU?  ha ha ha.  I thought this was a joke the first time I saw it.  It's kind of like the "Buckle up Naperville Your'e worth it" sign.  ha ha ha.  I'm not sure this deserved a sign and whomever stole it...I'm JEALOUS!!!




Why I love Seattle... 

(in order of encounter, not preference)  - #4 

...see quirky culture for others

I love this idea of using your family to give the address of your house. I picture this was an anniversary gift for the parents?  Don't know these people, just walking past and I'm STILL making up stories of why they did it.  ha ha ha.


#5 - many mermaids by children at Golden gardens.  The sense of putting your art, as a child, into one of your favorite places...very cool!


One of my favorite places in Seattle!  I think it reminds me of Lake Delevan in Wisconsin when we'd go, as a family during youth, to this cute little gas station / bar and play games.  In case it's not obvious (or you don't own a watercraft)'s a boat gas station on Lake Union.



Kikigirl's latest shortie...

Why I love Seattle... 

(in order of encounter, not preference)  - #1


yep...someone's house!



In Seattle, there is a tradition that most (maybe all) the elementary schools have some kind of art incorporated into the school by the students. LOVE IT!


Kitty wanting to eat note!

Alright, these next, pure paintings were FOUND, yes I said, FOUND at a thrift store!!!  They were inside a book of watercolor paper.  I adore these pics and feel very lucky to acquire them.  What ya'll think?

One of the pic's I'm not including since
this is a family show.  We've got
one more though!



Kikigirl did Seattle Potholes cartoon  in honor of going to the Jimi Hendrix memorial (yes right behind the McDonalds AND funeral home in Renton...It's by the Renton Tech College).

Someone left a precious gift to Jimi made out of a Gatorade bottle.  Wow...such thought went into this.  ha ha ha



Is it a car?  Is it a Plan

NO!  It's archivan!


I dig this picture cuz this is such a cold sculpture except
when it's being used.  It's used like 10 times a huh?


It says

Misery has enough company
Dare to be happy.

I SO agree!

ya know...go THAT way!